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Signalos 3.0 firecrackers 

Are you waiting for a signal, but it’s not coming from heaven, so you keep waiting? Don‘t wait any longer, get your own signal with a Signalos 3.0 titanium explosion. A petard that was born in 2017 and became the expected “sibling” of the Signalos…


Firecracker Blitzschläge 

Even small petards can do great things. You‘ll be convinced about that with the Blitzschläge petard, which promises a stormy spectacle. Its name in translation means “lightning”. The petard was launched by the Polish company Dextrin, and has a 3 gram pyro content. And the…


Signalos 2.0 firecracker 

A petard with a relatively low pyro ingredients content, however, it has a huge effect. That is how we could describe the Signals 2.0 petard, which was introduced by the Polish company Dextrin in 2017. What does 2 grams of pyro content do? Surprise you…