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Safety first. The sentence associated with the petard hidden under the name MEGATRESK-EXPLO, which is used for security purposes during hiking and hunting. These include, for example, frightening birds or wildlife.


ZINK 902 Rocket

How to make the fireworks more special with an artillery fire effect? The answer is the ZINK 902 professional rocket from the German company Zink-Feuerwerk GmbH, which ranks among the leaders in pyrotechnics. The rocket will take care of the desired sensation during firing as…


Zink Bodenblitz No. 751-1

Zink Bode blitz No. 751-1 explosion is a guarantee of truly sparkling entertainment and will convince you that a large explosion can be hidden in a small body. Explosion with titanium effect and loud explosion comes from the German company Zink-Feuerwerk Gmbh, who are certainly…

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Little Cobra 2 firecracker
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