All the best, good health, many personal and professional successes in the new year 2024 wishes you inMart.
An inventory and update of the warehouse will take place from 1 January 2024.

All the best, good health, many personal and professional successes in the new year 2024 wishes you inMart.
An inventory and update of the warehouse will take place from 1 January 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some products only go into the cart in one pack at a time?

If there is less than one carton of a given product in stock, it is set to sell one pack per order.

Can an individual discount be arranged?

Yes, it is possible to arrange an individual discount according to the price of the order, but the current situation on the pyrotechnics market is very complicated. Suppliers are sold out and cannot keep replenishing their warehouses. If you make orders under 200€ we do not currently offer a discount.

Do you have a Special List of products that are not in the shop?

No, we don't offer anything like that. We will not even respond to questions of this type.

Can you offer other products than the ones on the shop?

Yes If you have any special requests, please email us and we will try to inquire with our suppliers.

Can you send me F4 products if I don't have a license?
Don't ask us those questions. We must always answer NO.
What does Only1 mean?

"Only1" is a label we use for special products in our range. When you see this label, it means that you can only purchase one piece of this product per order. We use this label when our stock level for a certain product has reduced to a minimum quantity or if the product is no longer being produced and we can therefore not guarantee further replenishment of stocks. In this way, we try to allow as many customers as possible to purchase these popular and limited products. Thank you for understanding.

What does F4 mean?

These are the categories into which pyrotechnics are classified. All classes are

Category F1 fireworks for children, for sale from 15 years of age

Category F2 fireworks for sale from 18 years of age

Category F3 fireworks for sale from 21 years of age or with professional competence

Category T1 theatrical pyrotechnics for sale from 18 years of age

Category P1 other pyrotechnics for sale from 18 years of age

For categories F4, T2 and P2, these are professional pyrotechnics which are sold to persons with professional competence. 

Here, I would like to remind you that there is no public European register where you can check whether or not a person has a professional competence, whether or not a licence is valid, what the professional competence certificate looks like in a particular EU country, etc.

The fact that pyrotechnics are classified as F4 means that they either exceed the pyrotechnic mass limit for F3 or exceed the noise limits set for F3.

What are F4 products?

To purchase F4, T2 and P2 products, you must hold a special license of professional competence. These are professional fireworks not intended for the general public.

Where can I send my license for the purchase of F4, T2 and P2?

Fill out the registration at this address.

Is it possible to send the order COD?
We don't send cash on delivery.
When will my shipment be dispatched?
When the money arrives in our bank account (SEPA payment takes 1-3 working days). After receiving payment, we will send you a confirmation by email. Shipment is sent within 2 working days after receipt of payment. In high season, the shipping time and the speed of delivery by the carrier is longer.
Can the parcel be sent to the Post Office or Parcelshop?

No. The shipment can only be sent to your private address.

What kind of confirmation do you send?

You will receive the first email confirming receipt of your order.

A second email will be sent to you confirming receipt of payment.

You will receive a third email confirming the shipment (the shipment is ready to be picked up by the carrier).

You will receive a fourth email with a tracking number.

Which carrier will deliver my shipment?

We choose the carrier according to the weight of the shipment and the actual load.

Do you ship to the Czech Republic?

We do not ship to the Czech Republic and we do not make exceptions.

Do you ship to Slovakia?

We do not ship to Slovakia.

Do you ship to the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, (UK) or outside the EU?

No, we do not ship to the countries listed.

Can you make an exception and send an individual order to a country you don't ship to?

Yes, after completing the registration on the page your registration is being verified and approved. We may make an exception if a valid license is provided.

We do not ship products of lower categories (F1, F2, F3, P1 and T1) without a valid license.

What is the minimum order value?

Yes, the minimum order value is 100€ including shipping.

How much is the postage cost?

The postage is divided into 4 zones

Zone 1 (20€): Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria

Zone 2 (€30): Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Italy, Slovenia

Zone 3 (40€): Portugal, Romania, Spain

Zone 4 (45€): Finland, Luxembourg, Greece

Can I order these fireworks? Will I have a problem with customs officers?

Find out the rules for buying fireworks in your country. The European Union sets the general rules, individual countries adjust the rules. Cities then adjust their rules for the use of fireworks in city ordinances.

In some countries, purchasing is prohibited, in other countries use is prohibited, or use is limited to certain occasions (e.g., New Year's Eve, etc.). Fireworks are divided into categories and each category has its own rules.

When you ask and we have answered you, at the first problem you'll say "BUT THEY SAID". What is allowed in one state may not be allowed in another!

Therefore, find out what rules apply to you before you order.

Remember "Pyro Is Not A Crime".

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