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Wild Bulldog Firecracker 

You would most likely run away from an angry bulldog, but you definitely won‘t want to run away from the show offered by the Wild Bulldog petard. The smaller red petard with a green fuse, belongs to Triplex brand and boasts a pyro contents of 0.15 grams.


Pirate with a wick Petard 

How do you know you’ve been attacked by a pirate ship? It‘s revealed by a blast that can‘t be over-heard. A blast which even the pirates wouldn’t mind doing is created by the Pirate with a wick Petard with 0.2 grams of pyro content. The…


Kalašnikov 60 flash petards 

Are you looking for a way of enhancing the atmosphere of an airsoft and paintball game and giving the participants an unforgettable experience? Count on the smoke and sound effects of the Kalašnikov 60 flashing petard from the workshop of Czech brand Klásek Trading, which…