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Wild Bulldog Firecracker 

You would most likely run away from an angry bulldog, but you definitely won‘t want to run away from the show offered by the Wild Bulldog petard. The smaller red petard with a green fuse, belongs to Triplex brand and boasts a pyro contents of 0.15 grams.


SHOCK Bulldog Petards 

Would you be shocked if an angry bulldog charged at you? SHOCK Bulldog Petard offers you a completely different and undoubtedly more pleasant show. The 18 grams pyro content promises a good blast. However, the petard will satisfy more than one sense, as before the…


Mad BullDog 5G firecracker 

Pyrotechnics, which can cause more sensation than an angry bulldog? The Polish company Triplex, which has been active in the pyrotechnics market for more than 30 years, has enriched the world of BOMBastic entertainment with the Mad BullDog 5G professional flashing petards. The audience can…