April news at


During March, several people approached us for more information. There have been reports on the Internet that our e-shop is a scam.

This is a serious situation! Some customers who have created an order have written to us:

I won’t pay you anything, IT’S A SCAM!

We asked, “What’s going on?”

We offer products that haven’t been in production for some time. For this reason, some people think it is a scam. We offer something that other’s no longer have in stock. But we still do!

Old school pyros

The reality is that we have dozens of pieces of the “old school pyros” in stock, therefore we are offering these products for sale 1 piece per order. It isn’t a problem selling all these exclusive products in 2 orders, but it would be a shame.

The condition of these products is set to the exact number of pieces in stock.

Another “problem” is

If someone creates an order, the product is “reserved” and the e-shop’s stock is reduced.

For example: There are 10 products in stock and customers create 10 orders.

The stock status at that moment is 0 and the product is marked as sold out and can’t be ordered.

Out of those 10 orders, only 3 customers pay. When unpaid orders are cancelled, the stock increases by 7 products and can be ordered again.

For this reason, we’re adjusting the purchase rules. If the order is not paid within 7 working days, we will cancel the order! This will increase the stock again. And the products will be offered for resale.

Bigger package for a lower price

We’re now adding larger packages and special sets at a better price. Therefore, for some products you’ll see the price range OD – DO. Choose the packaging you require.

April changes

Although transport prices are increasing, we’re still keeping them at their original level. We have only increased the minimum order price to € 100.