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The season successfully behind us. It was hectic. Supply stalled, prices of goods and transport have risen, but everything worked out in the end. Thank you for your trust.

We wish you clear skies and let us all enter the new year successfully.

We plan to dust off our old stocks for this year and put them on sale “Old School Pyrotechnics”.

What are “Old School Pyros”?

These are original pyrotechnic products that were manufactured X years ago, before the European Union began drilling into fireworks production and setting noise and weight limits.

Nowadays, firecrackers can be sold under the same name as a few years ago, but instead of having a 5g pyrotechnic composition, they only have 2g, at best.

This is the final sale of “Old School” products. We have the last few dozen or pieces in stock.

When these products are sold out, they will never be seen again.

Remember “Pyro is not a crime”.