Titanblitz 5 Petards

Titanblitz 5 Petards

What position would the Titanblitz 5 petard take in the Titans duel? We believe it would be on the winner‘s podium. Prepare yourself for a divine spectacle full colour. A pack of four petards will surely amuse your audience. Three petards flash in blue, red and green before the explosion. And the last one? It will please you with a changing colour effect.

A strong explosion with a titanium effect is a matter of course.

The author of this colorful show? Funke Fireworks. The petard belongs to category F2 pyrotechnics, so only people over than 18 can buy and launch it.

Titanblitz 5 Petards

A safe way to fire a petard

A petard is designed exclusively for outdoor use! Place the petards on the ground individually and light the end of the fuse. Once ignited, immediately move at least 15 metres away from the product.

[media_video url=”‹´›dVR1BXCpIXk” width=”759″ height=”506″ _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”39ef2150511bb8976989b080a7875889″][/media_video][divider style=”{‹²›ruler_type‹²›:‹²›space‹²›,‹²›space‹²›:{‹²›height‹²›:‹²›25‹²›}}” _array_keys=”{‹²›style‹²›:‹²›style‹²›}” _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”d4c057b989704711ce6d8bab97f9a65d”][/divider]Warning: Never light the firecracker in your hand.

The petards technical parameters

Petardy Titanblitz 5

Product weight 16 g
Pyro compound weight 7 g
Package weight [20pcs] 372 g
Product size  ∅ 20 x 60 mm
Product code TB5
Manufacturer Funke Fireworks [PL]
Category (class) P1
Reg. No. 1646-P1-157-018-51
BAM code not allocated
Performance characteristics 120 dB (A) @ 30 m
Product type Firecracker

Disposal instructions

If the firecracker hasn’t worked within 20 minutes of igniting it, immerse the firecracker in a tank of water for 24 hours and then bury it in the ground.

Product Warning:

VýbuchNo smoking! Danger of fire or particle damage. Protect from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open fires and other ignition sources. Do not expose to grinding/shocks/friction.
Wear protective gloves / protective clothing / safety goggles.
In case of fire:
Clear the area. Due to danger of an explosion, retreat to a safe distance. DON’T PUT THE FIRE OUT if it reaches the explosives. Danger of explosion. Keep only in the original package. Remove the contents/packaging by handing over to an authorised person for disposal.

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